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My name is David V. Lampman, II and I am a criminal defense and DUI lawyer in Pennsylvania. My office is located in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County; however, I practice throughout PA.


Attorney David Lampman often resolves DUI cases with NO JAIL time, no driver's license suspension or a DRAMATICALLY REDUCED DRIVER'S LICENSE SUSPENSION, the LOWEST FINES, and NO CRIMINAL CONVICTION RECORD. Even if you have prior DUI convictions Attorney Lampman may be able to keep you out of jail and help you get an Occupational Limited License so you can drive to work.


Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney, David Lampman, represents people charged with drug crimes in Pennsylvania courts. He understands PA's Controlled Substance Act and how to defend these cases. He represents people accused of simple possession of marijuana to individuals alleged to have been active participants and even the kingpin of major cocaine, heroin, and meth drug rings.


If convicted of these offenses the penalties include incarceration, probation, fines, and restitution. The issue of restitution is particularly important in these cases because the Commonwealth focuses on compensating the alleged victim's loss that resulted from the offense charges. Of course, theft convictions also carry a damaging social stigma that will not only harm your legal rights but will also damage you reputation concerning trust and truthfulness and your ability to keep and/or gain employment.

Practice Areas

Lampman Law understands the stakes and the battle of a criminal case are unlike any other. It's why private criminal defense is all I do. It's simply too important of a job to do part-time or some time. I am in PA criminal courts daily. When I'm in my office I am working on criminal case files and writing motions to defend PA criminal charges. When I'm not at work I think about criminal defense: how to suppress evidence, how to avoid PA mandatory minimum sentences, how to present a self-defense strategy, how to defend a homicide client, and how to win a PA DUI case.

  • Possession to PWID
  • Drug convictions often carry:
  • Jail Time
  • Driver's License Suspension
    (even when a car isn't involved)
  • Lifelong Criminal Record
  • Charged with a DUI?
  • DUI charges are serious matters; so treat your case accordingly.
    If convicted of Driving Under the Influence, you may lose:
  • Your Freedom (mandatory jail)
  • Your Driver's License (mandatory suspension)
  • Your Job & Money

  • Ready to Move On?
  • If you have a criminal record, you may be eligible for relief.
  • Expungement
  • Limited Access
  • Governor's Pardon

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