If you're charged with a crime in Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth has declared war against you. They want to take your freedom, strip you of basic everyday rights like driving a car or being with your family. Of course, they also want to make you pay. The jails in Pennsylvania are overflowing with the people they beat. It is too often a rigged game-the full weight of the government's resources crushing the outmatched accused.

Fortunately, the Commonwealth must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Make them prove it. Fight back by hiring a zealous criminal defense lawyer to challenge every element of their case. Now, it is time to decide who will lead you into this battle. Make an informed choice. You better get a lawyer devoted to Pennsylvania criminal defense that understands your rights, communicates them to you, can protect them, and will fight back.

Lampman Law understands the stakes and the battle of a criminal case are unlike any other. It's why private criminal defense is all I do. It's simply too important of a job to do part-time or some time. I am in PA criminal courts daily. When I'm in my office I am working on criminal case files and writing motions to defend PA criminal charges. When I'm not at work I think about criminal defense: how to suppress evidence, how to avoid PA mandatory minimum sentences, how to present a self-defense strategy, how to defend a homicide client, and how to win a PA DUI case.


If you are charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania you need to be defensive. PA DUI penalties range from no jail or driver's license loss to years in jail and without a driver's license. Your driver's license, money, and freedom are on the line.

I have extensive experience helping people charged with all types of PA DUI laws, from first offense DUI's to homicide by DUI. I help people stay out of jail, avoid long driver's license suspensions and a criminal record, and pay the lowest fine. If your goal is the fastest resolution with minimum penalties I may be able to achieve that goal. Beware though; PA DUI laws are complicated and tricky. Now is not the time for a DIY project or to let someone else choose your defense lawyer. Hiring a seasoned PA DUI lawyer will keep you out of jail and save you money in the long run.

Call Pennsylvania DUI attorney David Lampman now for free phone consultation for your case. I also offer fee office consultations. I will evaluate the DUI charges and offer my professional opinion on the best way to defend your DUI case in PA.


Drug crimes in PA are strict and the penalties are especially harsh. Some drug offenses, even possessing a small amount of marijuana, also include unwanted surprises like driver's license suspensions, even if driving or use of a car are not part of the alleged offense. Possession cases are graded as misdemeanor or felony crimes depending on the offense. PWID drugs generally carry lengthy jail time and must be vigorously defended.

Lampman Law has experience defending people charged with drug cases in PA ranging from simple possession of marijuana to individuals alleged to have been active participants and even the kingpin of major cocaine, heroin, and meth drug rings.


If you have been charged with a violent crime in Pennsylvania like aggravated assault, criminal homicide, inmate assault, kidnapping, robbery, simple assault, or weapon offenses Lampman Law can help you. These cases are serious felonies that carry long state prison sentences. Attorney Lampman has experience defending violent crimes in PA courts and will help you prepare your best defense and a strategy to obtain the best resolution for your case.


Successfully contesting sex crime charges in Pennsylvania requires an experienced PA criminal defense attorney with the courage and commitment to investigate and challenge the claims of the alleged victim. Sex cases are rarely easy to defend and always have consequences beyond jail like sexual offender registry requirements (Megan's Law) and profound lifelong social stigma.

Lampman Law defends rape allegations, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse (IDSI) charges, aggravated indecent assaults, child sex cases, child pornography offenses, unlawful contacts with a minor, statutory sexual assaults, and corruption of minors cases.


Any property offense conviction can include state prison and costly restitution. This cases can also haunt the alleged offender's future. Arson, burglary, criminal mischief, and criminal trespass are crimes against property in Pennsylvania with serious consequences. Theft crimes in PA include: bad checks, theft by unlawful taking or disposition, theft by deception, identity theft, receiving stolen property, and retail theft that have equally damaging effects.

When charged with these crimes the accused needs a criminal defense attorney, like Lampman Law, that will investigate, analyze, defend the case will attention to every detail.


If you're under 21 you don't have to drink and drive to lose your driver's license in Pennsylvania. If convicted of an underage drinking crime in PA the accused will lose their driver's license for 90 days. How your case is handled could determine if and how long a criminal conviction will remain on the offender's criminal history. Thus, these cases can impact your immediate (ability to drive to work) and long term employment status (criminal record that might cause and employer to pass the application).

Depending on the violation and where it occurred, Lampman Law can help avoid the damaging impact of an underage drinking violation in PA.


Traffic ticket points in PA are important to avoid because their accumulation may results in PennDOT action or a license suspension. Points can also increase the cost of auto insurance.

Certain tickets can immediately result in suspension upon a guilty plea. If you have one of these traffic tickets in PA you need a defense lawyer to help save your license. Never plead guilty to any traffic ticket until discussing it with an attorney. Sometimes hiring a lawyer for a traffic ticket may not be economically efficient-in those circumstances Lampman Law will decline the case. However, if the driver is facing points or a suspension Lampman Law can help. Attorney Lampman regularly negotiates serious traffic tickets with a plea to a non-point violation.